Previous Performers

We won't attempt to list all those who have performed for us since we were founded
46 years ago - just those from the last three seasons, and a few from earlier years whose
outstanding performances have lingered in the collective memory.

2018 - 2019 season:

Amalia Hall
Somel Quartet

2017 - 2018 season:

Cavendish Winds
Harry the Piano
Lunaire Quartet
Alasdair Beatson and John Myerscough, piano and cello
Bartosz Glowacki, accordion
Rautio Piano Trio

2016 - 2017 season:

Botticelli Piano Quartet
Sean Shibe, guitar
Philip Horley, organ
Raphaela Papadakis and James Sherlock, soprano and piano
Tamsin Waley-Cohen and Huw Watkins, violin and piano
Michael Petrov, cello

2015 - 2016 season:

Marina Koka - piano
Piatti Quartet
Ori and Omni Epstein - cello and piano
Anthony Brown and Leo Nicholson - saxophone and piano
Travelling by Tuba

Others since 2000:

Joseph Shiner and Frederick Brown, clarinet and piano
Manus Noble, guitar
Trio Isimisiz
Dominic Alldis Trio
Sacconi Quartet
Alexander Ullmann, piano
Huw Wiggin and James Sherlock, saxophone and piano
Rosalind Ventris and Lara Dodds-Eden, viola and piano
Lara Melda, piano
Grier Trio, Francis Grier, Savitri Grier, Indira Grier
Bacchus Piano Trio, Thomas Gould, James Barralet, Alasdair Beatson
Huw Morgan, trumpet
Sarah Williamson, clarinet
Dimitris Devakallas, guitar
Simon Mayor and Hilary James, mandolins and voice
O Duo, percussion
Alasdair Beatson, piano
David Childs, euphonium
Ivan Ilic, piano
Tasmin Little, violin
Libor Novacek, piano
Sacconi Quartet with David Campbell, clarinet

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