Sutton Valence Music Society

Registered Charity No.:1002000

Previous Performers

We won’t attempt to list all those who have performed for us since we were founded
43 years ago - just those from the last three seasons, and a few from earlier years whose
outstanding performances have lingered in the collective memory.

2015 - 2016 season:

Marina Koka - piano
Piatti Quartet
Ori and Omni Epstein - cello and piano
Anthony Brown and Leo Nicholson - saxophone and piano
Travelling by Tuba

2014 - 2015 season:

Wu String Quartet
Joseph Shiner and Frederick Brown - clarinet and piano
Manus Noble - guitar
The Oskar Duo - Martyna Jatkauskaite and Thomas Besnard - piano and piano
Trio Isimsiz
Dominic Alldis Trio

2013 - 2014 season:

Sacconi Quartet - Ben Hancox, Hannah Dawson, Robin Ashwell, Cara Berridge
Carol Basden and Clare Mount - clarinet and piano
Alexander Ullman - piano
Busch Ensemble - Matthieu van Bellen, Jonathan Bloxham, Omri Epstein
Huw Wiggin and James Sherlock - saxophone and piano

Others since 2000:

BMF Piano Trio
Huw Wiggins and James Sherlock - saxophone and piano
Cavaleri Quartet
Rosalind Ventris and Lara Dodds-Eden - viola and piano
Greg Tassell and Jonathan Wikeley - tenor and piano
Lara Melda - piano Grier Trio - Francis Grier, Savitri Grier, Indira Grier
Bacchus Piano Trio - Thomas Gould, James Barralet, Alasdair Beatson
Tim Lowe - 'cello
Huw Morgan - trumpet
Evelina Puzaite – piano
Sarah Williamson – clarinet
Dimitris Devakallas – guitar
Simon Mayor and Hilary James – mandolins and voice
Ensemble Na Mara
O Duo – percussion
Lancier Brass
Alasdair Beatson – piano
David Childs - euphonium
Ivan Ilic – piano
Tasmin Little - violin
Libor Novacek – piano
Sacconi Quartet with David Campbell – clarinet

...and a few from the 90s:

Carlo Curley – organ
Caroline Dale – ’cello
Nicholas Daniels and Julius Drake – oboe and piano
Evelyn Glennie – percussion
Freddy Kempf – piano